Capital Market Entities

Central securities depositories (CSDs) are now established as an essential component of a modern securities market infrastructure in all but a handful of countries. However, their structure, ownership, responsibilities and capabilities vary widely between markets, making it more difficult for CSD managements to know whether their own organisation is achieving best practice. Thomas Murray advises CSDs on how to raise their operational effectiveness to international standards, and remain in line with them once they have reached that level. The assessments prepared by Thomas Murray, whether they are published or remain confidential, enable CSDs to benchmark themselves against other leading depositories. They also serve as an independent and objective assessment of the capabilities of a particular CSD for users of the services.

Market Regulators are the entities that are generally responsible for the policing of the activities of the organisations and intermediaries such as stock exchanges, central securities depositories, custodians asset managers and brokerage companies amongst others that operate with a securities market. These regulators are responsible for drafting and approving rules and regulations within a securities market, approving new products and activities and monitoring the overall market activity. Generally, there is no hard and fast organisational structure for a market regulator which can be wholly independent or be a part of the governmental bureaucracy.


  • Facilitates improvements in operational effectiveness
  • Provides a confidential benchmarking service
  • A public assessment provides an independent and objective opinion of a CSD's capabilities to existing and potential clients


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